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We aim to increase awareness about the deforestation for the production of disposable chopsticks and educate about salamanders and their diversity within the United States, while raising money to support salamander conservation, education, and research.



In 2006, activists launched the BYOC (Bring Your Own Chopsticks) movement in response to the shocking number of chopsticks begin used and disposed of each year. Learn more about BYOC and how you can participate.

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It's time for us to rethink the use of this planet's resources and start making small differences that will have a large effect. Sign our petition and encourage others to stop the use of disposable chopsticks and bring their own to restaurants.

The Salamander Fund

In addition to the disssemination of information about deforestation, ​ also strives to provide an alternative to disposable chopsticks.

Reuse Chopsticks, Save Salamanders
Latest News:

2014 Chopsticks for Salamanders Grants!

To apply or for more information visit the Grants Section. Deadline for applications is January 1, 2014.


Salamander Happy Hour!

Nov. 21, 2013 from 5-9pm @ Eurasian Hot Pot (click for directions)Support salamander conservation and research by joining Chopsticks For Salamanders' first annual happy hour! For a $10 entry donation you will receive 1 free drink and access to happy hour specials. There will be games, auctions and more! All proceeds will directly support salamander conservation and research grants.  


Checkout out Chopsticks for Salamanders Store

Purchasing any of the items on the website directly support salamander conservation and research grants. Original limited-edition salamander art prints, illustrated exclusively for Chopsticks for Salamanders by Ashley Hauck! These colorful 8" x 10" prints are available now on our Buy Chopsticks page.



Still available: Chopsticks for Salamanders bumper stickers! Show your support for our cause by proudly displaying this 11" x 3" "Save Salamanders" sticker, for sale on our Buy Chopsticks page.



Northern Red Salamander (Pseudotriton ruber ruber)

This project is supported by these founding AAZK chapters:
This project is also supported by these contributing organizations:
Thanks to our Honored Donors!

Hal G. Hunter

Brian Gratwicke

Michele & Clara Coscia

Janis Gerrits

Genevieve Warner

Jill Augustine

Hedeer El-Showk

Sandra Wilson

Jeff Mitchell

John Villares & Jennifer Gala Villares

South Florida AAZK Chapter

Stephanie Joseph

Maddux Campo




Download and share these useful, informative Chopsticks for Salamanders resources to help spread the word about our cause. (Right click links below to save)


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