Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders © 2018

Our Mission

  • To disseminate information about the threats to salamanders and their habitats

  • To increase awareness about salamander diversity, biology, and conservation.

  • To raise money for salamander conservation, education, and research.

  • To fund salamander conservation, education and/or research initiatives through an annual grant.

President: Lauren Augustine


Vice President: Matt Neff


Secretary: Megan Baumer


Treasurer: Katharine Mantzouris


Event Specialist: Ashton Shaffer


Marketing and Outreach Associate: Genevieve Warner



Grant committee chairs:


Lauren Augustine


Megan Baumer


Katharine Mantzouris


Kenton Kerns


Bill Orrico


Matt Neff



Organizational Contacts

Cow Knob Salamander (Plethodon punctatus) by Matt Neff

Northern Two-lined Salamander (Eurycea bislineata) by Matt Neff