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Amphibian Report Card

The Foundation for the Conservation of Salamanders partnered with the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders (EWCL) to launch the Amphibian Report Card
What is the Amphibian Report Card?

The Amphibian Report Card focuses on clearly communicating threats to amphibians. By giving each species a grade for each threat, we connect members of the the public with the most urgent issues for different species. The website is also focused on providing individual action opportunities that allow members of the public to address these threats and support amphibian conservation.We have highlighted a few amphibians at the start of this website and will add new species as experts provide information on their species. If you are interested in having your species and your work included in the Amphibian Report Card you can register as an expert to get the process started.


Many thanks to the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders Amphibian Team!

  • Carson Barylak - International Fund for Animal Welfare

  • Lily Maynard - Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Melissa Ocana - UMass Amherst

  • Reese Brewer - White Oak Conservation

  • Robb Krehbiel - Defenders of Wildlife

  • Valerie Akuredusenge - Conservation Heritage-Turambe

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