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"Keep the World Slimy"

For Salamander Saturday 2024 on May 4th, we are hosting the Salamander Stroll Virtual 5K. Run, walk, roll, or hike over to the Salamander Saturday page to learn more and register!

Our Mission is:
  • To disseminate information about the threats to salamanders and their habitats
  • To increase awareness about salamander diversity, biology, and conservation
  • To raise money for salamander conservation, education, and research
  • To fund salamander conservation, education and/or research initiatives through an annual grant

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Latest News:

2024 Daniel M. DiGiacomo Grant announcement: Check out the Grants page to see the 2024 winners!

Vernal Pool coloring book by FCSal grant winner Kristine Hoffmann now available.

Save the Date for the 8th Annual Salamander Saturday on May 4th, 2024.

Amphibian Report Card Launched! Learn about our latest project (click here)

Check out the FCSal Store

Purchasing any of the items on the website directly support salamander conservation and research grants. Check them out here.



We aim to increase awareness about the deforestation for the production of disposable chopsticks and educate about salamanders and their diversity within the United States, while raising money to support salamander conservation, education, and research.


Visit our grants section to apply for grant funds from November to January 15th or to view past grant recipients.

Salamander Saturday


Salamander Saturday is an initiative started by FCSal to raise awareness about salamanders, their habitats, and their role in the ecosystem. We are encouraging organizations around the world to hold an event on this day promoting global unity in the effort to protect salamanders.

The Salamander Fund

We are a small non-profit designed to provide funding for salamander research, education, and conservation initiatives. You can help us help salamanders by donating, attending events, and purchasing merchandise. 

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